Actuator straight stroke valve

- Mar 20, 2017 -

1, through the single seat valve

The so-called single seat is the valve body only a spool and a seat. It is characterized by simple structure, small leakage (or even completely cut off) and allow a small pressure drop. Therefore, it is suitable for applications requiring a small amount of leakage and a small working pressure. In the application should pay special attention to its allowable pressure to prevent the valve off dead.

2, through the two-seat valve

The two-seater valve body has two spool and seat. It is compared with the same diameter single seat valve, the flow capacity of about 20% to 25%. Because the fluid on the upper and lower spool on the force can offset each other, but the upper and lower spool is not easy to close at the same time, so the two-seat valve has a large pressure to allow large leakage characteristics. It is suitable for the valve at both ends of the larger pressure, leakage requirements of the clean media is not high occasions, not suitable for high viscosity and fiber-containing occasions.

3, angle valve

Angular valve body is rectangular, the flow path is simple, small force, suitable for high pressure, high viscosity, suspended solids and granular material flow control. Generally used in the bottom out of the side, the stability of such a control valve is better. In the case of high pressure, in order to extend the service life of the spool, can be used side into the bottom, but in the small open fortune prone to oscillation.