Advantages Of Rotating Drives

- Sep 14, 2017 -

A rotary drive is a hybrid driving mechanism. The permanent magnet is bonded to the free end of the magnetic bracket, and the drive arm and the magnetic support with a permanent magnet are formed by a half sleeve one and a half sleeve, which are fixedly connected by bolts to form a sleeve. Rotary Actuators Another drive arm and a magnetic bracket are installed in the symmetrical position of the sleeve, and the sleeve is connected with a bolt at one end of the connecting shaft, and the other end of the connecting shaft is interference with the bearing inner ring, Bearing outer ring and base interference fit. The advantage is: using the easy to obtain the symmetrical excitation to drive, Rotary Actuators the output speed is larger, the movement is stable, the driving element uses the chip type piezoelectric oscillator, the price is low, the structure connection is convenient.

The Rotary drive adopts the digital signal processor (DSP) as the control core, which can realize the more complicated control algorithm and realize the digitalization, network and intellectualization. Power devices are widely used in Intelligent Power Module (IPM) as the core design of the driving circuit, IPM internal integrated drive circuit, at the same time with Over-voltage, over-current, overheating, Rotary Actuators undervoltage and other fault detection and protection circuit, in the main circuit also added soft start circuit, in order to reduce the start-up process of the impact of the drive. The Power drive unit first passes the three-phase Full-bridge rectifier circuit to the input three-phase electricity or the mains rectifier, obtains the corresponding direct current electricity. Rotary Actuators After rectifying a good three-phase electricity or mains, and then through three-phase sinusoidal PWM voltage inverter inverter to drive three-phase permanent magnet Synchronous AC servo motor. The whole process of the Power Drive unit can be simply called the AC process. Rectifier Unit (AC) main topology circuit is three-phase Full-bridge rectifier circuit.

The input signal of the rotary drive is a switch signal, which is from the operator plate and the encoder. The output signal is a digital pulse to the motor, Rotary Actuators so that the motor performs related actions.

The internal torque limit value of the rotating drive. The set value is the percentage of the rated torque, at any time, this limit is effectively positioned to complete the range set position control mode to complete the pulse range. Rotary Actuators This parameter provides a basis for the driver to determine whether the position control is complete or not, when the residual pulse number in the position deviation counter is less than or equal to this parameter setting value, the drive thinks the position is complete, Rotary Actuators the switch signal is on in place, otherwise off.