Electric Two-way Valve Principle And Installation:

- Mar 20, 2017 -

1. Electric two-way valve for the control of cold water or hot water air conditioning system pipe opening or closing, to control the purpose of room temperature.

2. The driver is driven by a single-phase hysteresis synchronous motor, the valve spring is reset, the valve is not working in the normally closed state, when the need for work, by the thermostat to provide an open signal, the electric two-way valve connected to AC power and action The

3. Open the valve, chilled water or hot water into the fan coil, the room to provide air or heating, when the room temperature reaches the thermostat set value, the thermostat to make electric two-way valve power, reset the spring to close the valve, So as to cut off the flow into the fan coil, through the valve closed and open, so that the room temperature is always maintained in the temperature control set temperature range.

4.VA7010 series of electric two-way valve drive and valve with threaded connection, can be installed in the valve, then install the drive. Site assembly, wiring flexible and convenient. The graphic design of the drive can be installed close to the wall, with a small footprint, reliable and durable, low working noise and reliable working in high temperature and high humidity environments in concealed fan coil installations.