Nuclear Power Construction Drives Nuclear Power Valve Market Opportunity

- Mar 20, 2017 -

Nuclear power valves refer to valves used in nuclear power plants in nuclear island N1, piston pumps conventional island CI and power station auxiliary facilities BOP systems. From the security level is divided into nuclear safety level, level, level, non-nuclear level. Which requires the highest nuclear safety level. Nuclear power valves in the nuclear power plant is the use of a large number of media transmission control equipment, nuclear power plant is an essential part of the safe operation.

According to statistics, a nuclear power plant with two 100 million KW units has 30,000 valves of various types of valves. In the case of valve configuration, the shut-off valve accounts for 33.6%, the diaphragm valve accounts for 26.2% and the ball valve accounts for 12.8%. These three accounts for 72.6% of the nuclear island valve. From the security level distribution, the nuclear level is only 2.3% Level of 52%, while non-nuclear accounted for 45.7%.

Nuclear power valves in the nuclear power plant investment ratio accounted for about 1.6% of the completion price of nuclear power plants. According to Lingao two million KW unit nuclear power plant built price of 3.5 billion US dollars, the valve investment of 506 million US dollars, equivalent to about 460 million yuan. According to the national nuclear power development plan, by 2020 the total investment in the new nuclear power plant will reach more than 70 billion yuan (if the material prices and other factors will be taken into account nearly 10 billion yuan). Such a huge market for China's valve industry provides a good opportunity for development, but also on the Chinese valve industry, a severe test.