Valve Drive Improves The Overall Performance Of The Valve Device

- Sep 05, 2017 -

Valve actuator is a reversible synchronous motor drive, valve stem up or down to open and close the valve. When the valve fully open or full off, the actuator produced a reaction force, Valve Control Actuators so that the actuator internal micro-switch power off, the actuator stopped working. When the actuator receives the control signal, Valve Control Actuators it can open the valve to a certain degree and can stop at any point stably without the signal.

Valve driver is suitable for two-pass, three-way VB-3200 series and VF-3200 series dn25-dn52 regulating valve.

Valve Drive Features

1.24V AC voltage synchronization can be reversed to achieve.

2. The use of small-stroke switch limit

3. Fireproof ABS plastic Housings.

4. Convenient on-site installation.

5. Apply the direct stroke control valve under 23mm.

The piping needs to be used in the valve, and the use of the valve is now inseparable from the drive device, and the drive part used in the valve is called the valve drive. When it comes to this kind of drive, the main function of the valve is to drive the valve in the pipe to quickly cut off or to adjust the flow of the medium. Valve Control Actuators Typical valve drivers now include worm-gear boxes and actuators, both of which are manual-driven devices, and the other is the ability to automatically adjust the performance of the device, Valve Control Actuators here to introduce the actuator.

Now there are many valve drivers, but the main use is still a few categories, in which the actuator is relatively "popular", wherein the electric actuator and pneumatic actuator are the main pipeline valve auxiliary device. Both of these devices can now be combined with the valve, Valve Control Actuators in the pipeline to achieve automatic regulation, and the electric actuator can also achieve remote operation. It can be said that this is currently in the valve parts of a more practical class, and access to the actuator of the valve device, not only in the pipeline to the valve to adjust the role of change and regulation, but also to improve the valve device comprehensive performance.